Wheels Restoration

There are very few parts in a car that do more work than the wheels or are more exposed to the elements as the wheels are. Quite often if not always, a regular exterior car wash which may be sufficient for the body of the car may not be enough for the wheels. The wheels collect more grime, dirt and dust than most other parts of your vehicle.

We offer a special wheel restoration package where we make it all about your 4 wheels. We hand clean it using modern, gentle and environment-friendly shampoo and cleaning chemicals. While we’re happy to offer standalone wheels restoration for you, the most common path most our customers end up taking is combining this with another interior or exterior detailing. Bundling services always gets you a better price

Affordable auto detailing and wheels cleaning

Many people who haven’t used our detailing services guess that we’re a more expensive option than regular go-to-the-shop-get-detailed option, since we drive to you which is quite a convenience. That is not necessarily true. It is because we don’t have a shop and we come to you, we have less overhead expenses like rent and utilities. We pass on those savings to our customers so our rates are extremely competitive and often even lower than regular detailing shops. And of course, we wouldn’t want to miss out re-stating other great benefits like – you save SO much time and effort and gas by calling us to your homes or work location.

Dependable car detailing in Boston and surrounding towns

We’ve been serving the Metro Boston Area for over a decade now. We’re a proudly local, family owned business that has detailed thousands of cars inside and out. We’ve done all of this while being mobile. When you hire us, you’re hiring experience and competency you will not find elsewhere. Most our customers are repeat customers as they’re so happy with our services. We’re usually booked out weeks, most months of the year, but call us and let us know you’re a first-time customer and we will move our schedule around to fit you in early. We want to spread our love around, far and wide!

expert professional detailing a wheel

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