Gone are the days when you had to waste your time driving to and waiting at a detailing shop. WE ARE FULLY MOBILE! WE COME TO YOU! We are the auto detailers of today

We detail your vehicle so it looks and feels brand new – inside and out!

Interior detailing by a professional using a vacuum
applying wax to the exterior of a car while detailing

If you haven’t washed your car in months, there must be a reason why. Perhaps you don’t enjoy washing your car or you don’t have the time to wash and detail it the way that you would like. You’re in luck because Mobile Car Detailing of Boston can offer you the quality of service that you want and deserve. With our selection of detailing services, we are sure that you’ll find what you’re looking for and more. If you haven’t had your vehicles detailed in a long time, why not enjoy the convenience of simply contacting our detailing professionals to come and do it for you.

Everyone enjoys riding in a clean vehicle. We are sure that you are no different. Call us right away and let us show you why our services are preferred to the other mobile car detailing services in the city. The condition of your vehicle is a direct reflection of you. If you want to give others a good impression of who you are, make sure you keep your vehicle clean.

About Us:

We are a team of dependable, hardworking detailer professionals. Our expertise extends from cars to large RV’s. As a full-service mobile car wash, we can provide the level of convenience that is sought after by those who lack sufficient time to perform the work themselves. When we started our business more than a decade ago, we started with the intention of becoming the preferred and most widely used mobile auto detailing company in Boston. We have managed to become the most reputable and the most widely used mobile car detailing services in the city. Make life easier on yourself by contacting us to assist you with your detailing needs.

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Our car detailing services

Allow us to assume full responsibility for the detailing of your family vehicles or your fleet of vehicles. You’ll get more than you bargain for. We make life easy for motorists by coming to wherever they are to administer our services, whether you’re at work, shopping, or at school, we’ll come directly to where you are with all that we need to effectively wash and detail your vehicle. As your trustworthy, dependable mobile car detailing company in Boston, we are here when you need us.

applying wax to the exterior of a car while detailing

Exterior Detailing

We offer the best-in-town exterior car detailing. And we’re completely mobile, we come to you. Choose from an express or a full-service option, depending on your budget, time available and general love for you car 🙂

We will wash down your car, wax it clean and have it looking like it just rolled out of the showroom. Let us know what’s more important to you and we will pay extra attention to that area of the vehicle

Interior detailing by a professional using a vacuum

Interior Detailing

Beauty if NOT only skin deep. We make your vehicle interior squeaky clean and looking great. Here too, we have an express and a full-service interior detailing choice available.

If you’re short on time, we can do a quick wipe down and thorough vacuuming of the interior. In our full-service, we will shampoo and wax your leather/cloth as well. It makes your car feel like an aromatic spa experience!

careful cleaning and detailing of headlights

Headlight restoration

If you want to remain safe on the road and not cause harm or injury to others, allow us to handle your headlight or wheel restoration needs. We have a team of proven effective detailing experts to assist us with your detailing needs, big and small. When you need to have your headlight restored, don’t rely on anyone other than our proven effective detailers. They offer the best results.

wheels detailed by a professional

Wheels Restoration

Not many parts of your car does as much work as the wheels do while being completely exposed to the elements all the time. That is the reason they’re often the dirtiest and a regular car wash or even a thorough detail may not be enough to get them shining like new.

We offer top quality wheels restoration service where we make it all about your wheels. Package it with an interior and/or exterior detail for even better prices and have your wheels look brand new, like the rest of your car

expert exterior detailing of a car using modern equipment

Monthly Membership

If you love your car as much as we love ours, you’ll want it to look brand spanking new every day of every week of every month. And that is why, we offer monthly detailing services as a service, where we come in to regularly detail your vehicle inside and out.

Whether you’re at your place of residence or work, we will always schedule you in regularly in our jam-packed schedule. You’ll always be a priority and you can rest assured your beloved vehicle will look its best. Always.

Dealership, Fleet and Events

We already work with a few car dealers around the Boston area. We have tremendous experience in high volume detailing. Whether you are a used car dealership looking to turn your used cars into ‘new’ cars, or you have a fleet of cars that need to be taken care of regularly or one time, we are your best bet. Give us a call to know about our attractive volume discounts!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Although there are other detailing companies in the area, none are as efficient and as thorough as we are at Mobile Car Detailing of Boston. Regardless of how many vehicles you would like to have detailed and how frequently, we are happy to assist you with your service needs.

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Customer reviews on Google!

Quite attractively priced, really good quality service. Got a full interior plus exterior detailing done and they were on time, did an amazing job, very polite and responsive and flexible. Can’t say enough good things. Would give more than 5 stars if I could!

Joseph Smith

Had a great experience, friendly and responsive on the phone, on-time for the job and very nicely cleaned out my car. Reasonably priced and so convenient! I’m never driving anywhere to get my car cleaned again.”

Kevin Lewis

Guy is super affordable for the quality he delivers AND the fact that he comes to you to detail your car. Literally finished watching a movie start to end on a weekend and this brother was out cleaning up my ride. I’m blown away!

David Wells


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Frequently Asked Qs

Which areas do you serve?

We detail cars in the entire Metro Boston area as well as most surrounding towns. Call us to see when can we best fit you. It is usually not a question of distance but of schedule management, i.e, which days are we scheduled to detail cars in which parts of Boston.

Do you need me to provide you a source of water?

Absolutely not. We are a fully self-sustained mobile car detailing shop. We bring our own water tanks and every other equipment that is needed to make your car look brand new

Are your prices fixed?

We pride ourselves on being the most affordable mobile detailing service in Boston and nearby towns. Our prices are not fixed. We’re able to offer you a free quote over the phone based on details such as – car type (sedan, coupe, SUV, truck etc.), condition of the car, pet hair removal needed, special stains or scratches that need to be removed

Do you offer services all year round?

Yes, we do. In the winter months, we accept clients on a case by case basis depending on underground or covered parking ability, current temperatures etc. Please call us to confirm our availability